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Delicious and healthy homemade meals
and lunches
delivered to your door.

We take orders from 10.00 till 20.00

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Fish dishes

Скумбрия гриль

Sales price: 151,00 грн

Фунчоза с морепродуктами

Sales price: 148,00 грн

Тилапия со спаржевой фасолью и миндальными хлопьями

Sales price: 146,00 грн

Grilled trout

Sales price: 146,00 грн

Boiled trout with potato

Sales price: 169,00 грн

Pancakes with salmon, cucumber and cheese

Sales price: 124,00 грн

Dorada on grill

Sales price: 190,00 грн

Salmon steak with pomegranate sauce

Sales price: 197,00 грн

Pike perch in cream with mushrooms

Sales price: 122,00 грн

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